Hi! I’m Ben Sim.

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I’m a writer, marketer and strategist. I write about how you can improve your decision making and productivity so you can build a better life, career, and business.

I am by no means a guru (in fact, I don’t want to be). But I’m happy to share the things I’ve learned until now from meeting high-performing people, reading over 50+ books (and growing) and running new experiments every week.

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What I Write About

I wanted this to be a productivity blog as I believe productivity is main driver for success in life (whatever your definition might be). As investor Ray Dalio said:

“Do all that you can to raise your productivity, because in the long run, that’s what matters most.”

But I soon realized more and more that there only so few fundamentals when it comes to productivity that carries 80-90% of the result. The rest are just tiny tactics that move the needle a little bit.

Writing “7 ways to crush your productivity game” and more soundbites only adds to the noise of the productivity genre.

And the last kind of writer I wish to be is one who publishes content for publishing sake.

I believe in the adage –“speak only when you feel your words are better than your silence.”

So instead, I will be looking to writing deeper into the fundamentals with actionable strategies for your variety on the topics of productivity, career and self improvement.

Stuff you that helps you understand the why’s and gives you specific how-to’s instead.

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