The 37-second story

Hi there! I’m Ben and like you, I’m into personal finance and personal growth.

In simple terms, I think about money and life 97% of the time when I’m awake.

Professionally, I’m a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant.

I currently work as a Senior Sales Copywriter at Mindvalley.

I’ve worked with brands and personalities such as Success Resources, RinggitPlus, iPrice, KingSumo, and 8-figure entrepreneur, Noah Kagan to:

  • drive more traffic
  • craft irresistible content
  • and get more sales online

My work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, TechInAsia, and others.

Cool, Ben. But of all things to make a living, why copywriting?

My love story with copywriting started right after graduating from law school.

I had to find a job, so I wrote my resume and blasted it into the black hole of resumes.

I didn’t get a single interview.

So tried again and again. Still no results.

I tweaked my resume. Still no results.

I tweak it for the third time and BAM — 4 interview invites.

After attending 3 of them, I got 2 offers and chose one.

It was then that I realized…

“You could be the exact same person with the exact same experience, but if you can’t articulate and “sell yourself” the right way — no one will listen”

Soon after, I saw that this didn’t just apply to freshies like me, it applied to businesses and life in general.

We persuade people every day, and the words we use are important.

You will notice many of my posts emphasizing the importance of language in everyday life, and that’s intentional.

You use words to persuade others and also, to persuade yourself 🙂

Anyways, happy reading & talk soon!







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