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The Monk Method to Overcome Anxiety & Adversity

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“Breathe, mothafucka” – Wim Hof

It was 5pm. Works over.

I punch out and I see my bus ride home from across the road.

I am 5 minutes away. Can I reach it?

I sprang into action and sprinted.

I started to get tired.

Air escapes me. My lungs were being punished.

Was this worth it? And then I remembered the Monk Method.

I was energized and got back in control.

Made it in time.

The Monk Method

Viral content creator and former monk Jay Shetty revealed in an interview with Lewis How’s recently, the first thing they thing in monk school.

Shetty said:

“The first thing they teach in monk school is to control your breathing.”

“The monks believe that the one thing that stays with you from the day you’re born till the day you die is your breath.”

“When you are angry, you start to breathe frantically.

When you are sad, you breathe heavily.

When you are relax, you breathe slowly.”

“So being able to control your breath could help you control your life.”

Prior to hearing this, I saw breathing as another technique for exercising.

After I heard this, it was philosophy not just for tiring moments but also for moments of stress.

When you start to feel pressure mounting, be it work, catching a bus, or just anxiety in general, start breathing as though you are relaxed.

Try it and let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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